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chittens at home
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Welcome to Milly McGinty's bedroom

Hi, my name is Milly McGinty. Welcome to my bedroom. It's a little bit messy, so I hope you're not a neat freak, like my best friend, Sarah. She says some day I'm going to disappear into a pile of dirty clothes and no one will ever find me. My room's not that bad. Okay, maybe it is that bad, but I'm not the only one messing it up. A few months ago, Mum told me I had to clean my room or I'd be grounded for life. She said there could be creatures living in here – mice, rats, cockroaches – all sorts of creepy-crawlies. And she was right! There are creatures living in my room, the cutest, weirdest, most amazing creatures you could ever imagine. Half-chick, half-kitten – what else could I call them, but chittens?

They love mess even more than I do, which can make it
hard to find things, like homework, socks, sometimes
even the bed. But even though it's messy, Mum's not
upset any more because there's no rubbish. The
chittens eat it! Dried-up apple cores, mouldy orange
peel, even candy wrappers – the more disgusting it is,
the better they like it.

The chittens are noisy and mischievous and always sticking their beaks in where they don't belong. They love to sing and dance. They get me into a whole heap of trouble, but it's all worth it because they are the best friends anyone could ever have. They're hiding around here somewhere and they love meeting new people, so when you find them give them a tickle with the cursor and say hello.

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