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about the chittens
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What is a Chitten?

The chittens are baby griffins. A griffin has the front half of an eagle
and the back half of a lion. Half feathers, half fur, they have beaks, wings and long furry tails. Mix in beady red eyes and pointed ears and you get one weird-looking creature!

My little brother Adam named them. He was going to tell Mum and Dad if I didn't let him. I told him it was a bad idea. I told him he was the worst person in the known universe at naming stuff. After all, he called our cat, Cat, and our dog, Rover. But he insisted. Just warning you – the names are not my fault.

FluffyFluffy is the biggest chitten. She is soft and grey
and, yep, you guessed it, fluffy. Genius, huh?
She's a sweetie, brave and clever, but a little shy.
Don't tell the others, but she is probably the
best singer.

GoldieGoldie has golden-brown fur and feathers. He
isn't scared of anything and can't sit still for
more than a second. Every time he comes to school
with me, I end up in the Principal's office. He's amazing on the drums; it's a mixture of rock and roll and extreme trampolining.

SpotSpot is the smartest. She is white all over except for a single black spot in the middle of her back. She loves dressing up – especially disguises. Small, fast and super-zippy, I think she could out-fly a fighter jet. She's super-curious about everything. I think it shows her intelligence. Mum says she just plain nosy.

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